Third Anniversary
Third Anniversary

All these years together
Forever, so it seems
It was you who snuck up from behind
The man of all my dreams
The week spent in Lake Shasta
was the beginning of our love
The start of our life together
with a little help from above
When the day did come upon us
to tell the world -- we're together to stay
Father John looked at our faces
and whispered to us, "Are you okay?"
We have grown so much together
since our stroll down that long aisle
We've had our share of laughs and tears,
our fearful moments and many smiles
We dream about our future
Our first home, our baby-to-be
The truth is, I'm always happy
as long as you are close to me
To think it's been 3 years today
Since we both said our "I do's"
You bring to my life love and strength
I am whole because of you
You are the true love of my life
my best friend, my shining star
When I see you my stomach still flip flops
because of everything you are.