First Anniversary
First Anniversary

One year ago today we made a promise of our love
A year of love and learning - yet, just a portion of
The many years to follow and the mountains we will climb
The dreams that we will realize - the treasures we will find.
Our journey to Silicon Valley down the long and twisting road
A brand new life for both of us - our future to unfold.
Our cozy, first apartment - Our small castle in the sky
You insist you do the laundry. Spilled bleach, could that be why?
Sometimes it can be lonely away from family and old friends
But a blizzard or a cookie helps when the day comes to an end.
I'm the grocery shopper and the weekend cleaning queen
Sometimes you think I'm crazy - that's okay, at least it's clean.
You wash the car on Sundays and are the master of french toast
The COACH of all great coaches, but what I love the most
Your heart so warm and loving and the little things you do
That make my life so very sweet - Gary, I love you!!!!
Happy Anniversary.